Reordering Pages

Please note that when creating content pages, the order of these pages on the site Frontend will follow a chronological listing format. The first article you load will remain at the top of the page, with subsequent articles appearing below it. Wagtail allows you to reorder the appearance of Sections and Pages. You can individually move them into a new listing position using the page reordering Grips. These appear as two small arrows facing opposite directions to the left of any list of Child pages.

Here’s what you need to know about Grips:

  • First, enable the Grips by clicking on the “Sort” icon. It is the first column in the child page list.
Sort icon
Click on the Sort icon to show the Handles
  • Once clicked, the Grips should now be visible as six dots (as on a die) to the left of the child page name.
The Grips will appear to the left of the child page name.
  • Reorder the pages by dragging and dropping the Grips up or down into the desired position.
  • The new order will be automatically saved each time you drag and drop an item.