Tips for Content Creation

The rule of thumb: When creating content for your IoGT site, remember to write for mobile! This means to limit word count; use as few words as possible while still transmitting your message.

Content Channel/Section

1–4 words

There are several content channels are already integrated in your local Internet of Good Things mobile site. The default content channels, such as Facts For Life, Connect Smart, Early Life Tips, etc, have been developed with the help of DOC, regional offices and program sections. These content channels can be pulled into your country site from the main Internet of Good Things global site.

You are welcome to create new content channels. Usually a content channel supports a campaign or a section in a UNICEF office. A content channel can also be added if one of your partners would like to benefit from UNICEF investments in the technology and make content accessible for free via Internet of Good Things.

Section/Categories Title

1–4 words

These are the categories within the content channels under which will fall the different articles. Try to group articles with similar issues under categories. On Wagtail, categories are sections. You can also create multiple layers of sections i.e sub categories.

Article Title

2–7 words

The article title should usually not exceed 7 words in length. Titles of articles should capture attention and preferably have a user benefit approach. Using question marks can help our audience to identify to the issues treated.

Article Content

Aim for 200–300 words. 500 words max.

Content of single posts should never exceed 500 words. Aim for content posts to be under 300 words when possible and if content is targeted at adolescents aim for less than 200 words. If your post content has to be more than 500 words try to find a way to split the post in several posts or to add a picture to break down the text. Sentences should be short and to the point. Avoid jargon or technical vocabulary. Each post can include a few pictures to illustrate the content. This picture will feature on the homepage of the site.