Uploading and Adding Images

There are two places where you can use images in your articles:

  • Article Lead Images. It will appear as a thumbnail next to the article on its parent subsection page and at the top of the article itself.
  • In-body Images. These images will appear in the article itself, between paragraphs.

Adding Article Lead Images

Navigate to the article you wish to add an image for, then click the Edit button after hovering over the article title. The Lead Image field has three options:

  • Clear choice: Remove the current lead image from the article
  • Change image: Choose another image for the lead image. This will not delete the image from Wagtail itself.
  • Edit this image: Change metadata about the image. You will be able to replace the image as it is used throughout Wagtail
Lead Image
Add a Lead Image

Adding Images in the body

Navigate to the article you wish to add an image for, then click the Edit button after hovering over the article title. To add an image in the body of the article, click the plus button (+) below the block of content where you want to add the image. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to choose the image from the Wagtail image selector.

In body image
Adding an image in the body of the article.

A Note on uploading new images

Before you can use an image as an Article Lead Image or in the body of an article, you need to upload it to Wagtail first.

  • On the Main Menu, click Images then click Add An Image in the top right corner of that page.
  • Click to upload an image from your computer
  • Then choose to add the image to a Collection. You can also drag and drop images, which is especially useful to upload multiple images at a time.
    • Collections are ways to group images about the same subject together. For example, images about COVID-19 can all be put in a “COVID-19” Collection
Uploading a new image
Uploading a new image
  • Once your new image has been uploaded successfully, you can change the name of the image, change the Collection it is placed in, and assign some Tags to it. Helpful hint: If you are uploading multiple images where most of them are in the same collection, but a few are in different collections, you can upload all of them at once by setting the Collection before you upload, then change the collection individually for the images that are in different collections.
Settings for new image
Settings for the new image. Remember, changing the Collection for individual images will not change the Collection for all the other images uploaded along with the one you changed.