Homepage Banner

Use banners to promote individual pieces of content or to showcase lower sections or subsections from your home page. You can link any article or page to the home page banner.

When designing a home page banner, choose a strong image that is not the same image as the original article. You might want to add copy that lets site visitors know that the banner links to something useful or interesting.

How to add a homepage banner

  1. Select Pages –> (site language) –> Banners. This is the Banners page. Select Add Child Page.
  2. Add a title, choose the image that should appear on the home page. (Choose it from the Images folder or upload a new image from your hard drive). Next, link the article (or other kind of Child page) that you want to promote.
Banners Page
This is the Banners page, navigate here by Pages --> (site language) --> Banners. Select 'Add Child Page' to create a new banner.
Adding a new banner
Adding a new banner. Remember to fill out the title, image, and linked child page.

Sample banner use case

In Zambia, The two main Mobile operators support the free distribution of Internet of Good Things via Free Basics by Facebook. As the Zambia Country office uses an array of different promotion methods it is likely that some users land on Internet of Good Things outside the data free environment on Free Basics. E.g by clicking on a link through a social media post (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram).

With the integration of the below banner on the front page of IoGT, visitors can easily start browsing within the data free environment by simply clicking on the banner. Users are sent to the free environment through the use of a shotlink.