Footer Pages

Users can find the footer page at the bottom of the site. Generally, information like ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’ and site ‘Terms of Use’ is found here. There’s already a footer page on your site called “About the Internet of Good Things”. There’s also Terms and Conditions. However, this footer page is currently unpublished.

  • Select Pages –> (Site language) –> Footers. Then select Add Child Page.
Footers page view
Footers page view. Select Add Child Page to create a new site footer.
  • Fill out the title field and optionally add a lead image. This is an image that will be displayed in the footer. Then, using the buttons available, create the body of your footer. You can add the following items:
    • Heading
    • Paragraph
    • Markdown
    • Image
    • List
    • Numbered list
    • Page button
    • Embedded content:
      • Poll
      • Survey
      • Quiz
    • Media

Remember to save your footer page!