Automatic Content Rotation

Automatic content rotation is useful when you are unable to upload new content regularly or to manually feature content on the Homepage.

Rotation from Section settings

In order for articles to be rotated in the Featured in homepage area, you need to enable this from your section settings. Important to note here is that the rotation will look at the content within the section that you are activating it in.

For instance, you have a section named Facts for Life, with 2 subsections “Facts for new moms” and “Facts for keeping children safe” and you want only the section “Facts for keeping children safe” to have articles automatically rotating on the homepage, then you should only activate this on the subsection “Facts for keeping children safe”. If you want “Facts for new moms” to rotate as well, you’ll need to activate “Facts for new moms” as well.

To add content to automatically rotate, use the Pages menu to navigate to a subsection with immediate child content. Then, edit this subsection. Scroll down to Featured Content and click Add Featured Content. You will then be able to select child content to automatically feature.

featured content
Featured content in the subsection Edit page. Select Choose A Page to add content to the auto-rotation.