Adding Languages

Your site must have a Main language, otherwise referred to as a Parent language. Before you can start to create your content, you need to create the Parent language. You can do this by going to: Settings > Localess > Add A Locale > Search for the Language from the drop down.

Alternatively, when you enter Wagtail for the first time, you will need to select a language. There’s more detail on this in The Dashboard article.

What you need to know about adding languages

  • The first language added is your Main / Parent language and will be the default language that your site displays in to the end user. (Note that our Wagtail baackend language is only ever English)
  • After you’ve started to add content, you cannot change the Parent language.
  • You can add more than one language. The additional languages added after the Main/Parent language are known as Child languages.
  • The purpose of a Child language is to provide your end user with content they can read in their language of choice.
  • After you’ve created a Section, Article, Footer page etc in the Parent language, you can add any number number of translated versions of these content items to the Parent page. Your user will be able to make a language preference when they visit the site, and have content delivered to them in that language until they choose to change the language option.
  • More on this in the article Translating Content.