Suggestions for Replying to Users

When responding to users, keep in mind the voice of the platform: Depending on the tone used in the content (Girl’s zone, Facts For Life, Early Life Tips etc..) you are an older sibling, trusted friend, confidant and adviser. You don’t want to speak down to users but you don’t want to be too informal either.

In your responses to users, you must:

  • Start your reply by greeting the user by name
  • Acknowledge/reference what they have said or asked
  • Issue a canned response where relevant, or advise the user to check the site by searching it for specific information

Always check the Canned Responses first (a selection of these might have been loaded to Wagtail). If you find a relevant response, add into the message format outlined above and reply to the user. If a Canned Response cannot be found, create a message using the outline above and send to the user.

Examples of moderation

Please note, these are example responses only! Your responses will be dependent on the situation and content of the user’s message.

Canned Response

User - Mutale: I heard that da pill prevents HIV… it tru?

Response - Moderator: Hi Mutale, no only condoms stop pregnancy and STIs like HIV. No sex without a condom or femidom!

No Canned Response Available

If a user expresses incorrect information and you have the answer, use this as a learning opportunity to correct that user as well as other users who may see their comment. You can also point users to the correct section where they can find the answer

Example 1

User - Skiira: Am Worried Sometimes I Wake Up My Pants Wet. I Read Sumthing Which Said It Is Called Wet Dreams Is It True?

Response - Moderator: Hi Skiira. Sometimes you’ll wake up with wet pants after having a wet dream (that’s when you ejaculate while you’re sleeping). This is part of your development and it’s completely normal. You can read more about the changes that happens in your body during puberty in the Your Body section

Example 2

User - Chiku: Girlz, you can’t get pregnant if you have sex on yr period.

Response -Moderator: Hi Chiku - not true! She can! Check our Sex section to learn more.

In several countries some partners are also using casepro to answer questions of users directly. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you can route users to counsellors in U-Report so they will receive a personalized and confidential answer. you can also create a canned response for this.

Example 1

User - Daniel : If someone suffers with AIDS and we stay in the same room, will l get this disease?

Response - Moderator: Hi Daniel, if you would like an answer to a specific question, Zambia U-Report platform provides confidential, free of charge, individualized and interactive counseling services on HIV and STIs. Sign up by texting the word ‘JOIN’ to the short-code 878, and start a conversation with the counselors by asking questions. All SMS’s are FREE!

The only time when you will give a user all the information they need before linking to the article would be when the user has given a cry for help or indicate that they are about to engage in dangerous or risky behaviour such as imminent unprotected sex, suicidal thoughts or intention to engage in harmful behaviour. Responses to these users should be drawn directly from the Canned Responses.

Example 2

User - Katongo: Tonight, me and my gurl are gnna have sex - we nevr use condoms. Pill is enough,

Response - Moderator: Hi Katongo. Only condoms stop pregnancy and STIs like HIV. No sex without a condom or femidom!

Example 3

User - Kay: Help….everything feels so bad…nothing is worth it…

Response - Moderator: Hi Kay, it sounds like you need to talk to someone? Call [local child / depression / suicide helpline] for free help.