Moderation Tips

To moderate comments, first navigate to the Comments view by using the main menu and navigating to Comments > All Comments.

The comments view
This is the Comments view. Here, you can see all comments made to all articles. You can take a variety of actions on this page.

There are a variety of options available here. To take action on an individual comment, hover over the comment and you will be presented with several buttons:

  • Edit - Edit information and metadata about the comment
  • Delete - Permanently remove the comment from the site. It will no longer be visible on either the front-end or on Wagtail
  • Hide/Show - Appears to delete/undelete comments from the frontend. If hidden, other users will see “This comment has been deleted as it did not follow the site rules” or a similar message. It will still be visble on Wagtail
  • Publish/Unpublish - Make the comment fully visible/unvisible. If unpublished, there will be no indication that the comment ever existed on the frontend. It will still be visble on Wagtail.
  • Reply - Add a reply to the comment. See the section on replying for more information
  • Clear Flags - remove all content flags from the comment (Visible only if the comment was flagged)

On the top bar, there are a couple options:

  • Search - search comments by content
  • Download - Download all comments and data as either an Excel spreadsheet (XSLX) or CSV file
  • Add Comment - create a new comment

The right sidebar has a variety of options to sort and filter the comments by, including:

  • Whether the comment is flagged
  • Whether it has been removed
  • Whether it is published
  • When it was made